• Trusted Partners

Trusted Partners

Connect Charity are proud to work in partnership with the businesses listed. We recognise that they do business in a responsible way and believe in adding social impact and support where they can. We believe that working with like-minded businesses leads to delivering good business and business for good.

Qlic IT

Here at Qlic IT, we make life easier for our clients. IT is the blood flow of Britain’s businesses and organisations, and our role is to keep it running smoothly.

Over the last 2 decades, our winning approach has been to simplify when there’s complexity, solve when there’s a problem, and stay human when other IT providers would turn into robots.

Specialising in both the business and third sector, we use our extensive experience to deliver you the best service at highly incentivised prices, emphasising our belief in providing recognised IT services, cloud solutions, cyber security and website design to businesses and not-for-profits.


Enquiries: 0203 904 3464

Holy Brook Associates


Every organisation needs to get their finances right.  Holy Brook Associates are focused on ensuring that your not for profit or small business with a heart achieves it’s mission.


We are charity accountants, focuses on not for profits and social enterprises but also work with selected small businesses.


We are based in Reading, and although some of our clients are further afield we are particularly proud of working with clients in our local area.


Many of our charities chose to benefit from our Independent Examination service and but we can also offer a full service for bookkeeping and accounts.



Enquiries: 07914 211828

Auxilium Consulting

“ 2024 and beyond is all about sowing the seeds of sustainability for every small business and Auxilium Business Consulting helps to do just that.

Brainstorming the four pillars of environment, workplace, community, and philanthropy ensures that all the impacts that a small business is making are highlighted and provides evidence to tell the world.

Auxilium helps service- based business owners to take a “helicopter view” of their business and to make sustainable efficiencies to their processes and procedures via audits and operations and office management. This helps to reduce overwhelm, provide clarity and a strategy and ensure that the small business grows and thrives, whilst making impacts to help build a greener planet.”


Enquiries: [email protected].

A Good Thing

A Good Thing matches wonderful UK charities with businesses that have things to donate: helping charities while providing businesses with an ethical means of disposing of unwanted goods.

All sorts of weird and wonderful items have been saved from landfill, from theatre props, T shirts and stationery to aluminium cans, laptops and candles.

Greetings cards have gone to a project for women in prison. Gorgeous organic blankets have gone to vulnerable new mums. Furniture and paint have gone to a community space. Babygros have gone to families of people affected by substance misuse. Bamboo poles have gone to a beautiful community garden.

It takes just 30 seconds to create a free account at www.agoodthing.org.uk.


Healthy Pixels

Healthy Pixels helps non-profits effectively communicate their story, inspire action and appeal to major donors with Win Momentum: a non-profit-specific branding, website and social media package.

Over 90 days, we’ll:

  •  Create a strong brand—build trust and get noticed by donors with a brand that demonstrates who you are.
  •  Make an engaging website—set up a site that speaks for you all day, every day, letting people learn about you when they want to.
  •  Find your unique voice—share what you do, why it matters, and why people should support you, in a way that’s authentically you.
  •  Boost your social media efforts—grow a strong, supportive online community and spread your message far and wide.



Curiosity Box

Are you passionate about raising aspirations and inspiring young people? We are on a mission to give children a wonder-filled experience of science, tech, engineering and maths! Linked to the sustainable development goals, and the school curriculum, our Curiosity Boxes give children practical, hands-on and fun experiments that bring science to life in the classroom, in holiday and after school clubs, the community and at home.

We believe that STEM is a powerful enabler, so Curiosity Box works with schools and organisations, particularly those that support vulnerable and disadvantaged children, to get STEM kits out to children all over the UK. Our team of mums in Eynsham have worked tirelessly over the past 4 years, packing up experiments to send via our Spark Change programme, which has reached over 45,000 children through virtual schools, community groups, social mobility charities and to schools directly and have had amazing feedback…

“It was fun learning together what wasn’t to do with a PC.” Child 8yrs

“The learning the children did without even realising!” Parent

“We did every task together. Even my 14 year old got involved in most of the tasks. Kept the whole family busy for hours.” Parent

Teachers love it too… “It actually made me feel like a proper teacher again! I had a great time and it makes you realise how great teaching can be.” KS2 Teacher

With over 40 collective years experience engaging children in STEM and a lab-load of awards under our belt, our Head of Happiness, Claire would love to find ways to work with you to get more children having a go at STEM.

Claire –[email protected] 


Eco for All

I set up ECO for ALL 3 years ago with the sole purpose of supporting
anyone who would like to live more sustainably but is stuck on the next
steps – and to make eco-friendly living as affordable as possible. This
led me to create my RAMP up your Sustainability program, enabling me to
share Realistic, Affordable, Manageable and Practical tips on changes to
everyday habits. My clients are living proof that there is a lot of
money to be saved!

As a mum of 2 who has been mindful of how we live for many years, I’ve
researched everything from trusted brands and accreditations to look out
for, to the positive impact being more eco-friendly has on our health.

I also share some of the top tips from my Sustainability program within
forward thinking businesses via my Lunch and Learn service. This enables
businesses to empower their employees to live more sustainably at home.

I’m looking forward to working with and supporting Connect Charity with their mission to make a real difference to communities and society.

Lyn Lapworth – [email protected]