Introducing our new trusted partnership with Holy Brook Associates

19 Jan 2023

We love working with businesses that have a conscience. Every organisation needs to get their finances right.  Holy Brook Associates are focused on ensuring that your not for profit or small business with a heart achieves it’s mission.

Holy Brook are a charity accountancy specialist, they become part of your finance team, working with you. It’s why they do what they do.

Holy Brook is an accountancy practice with a difference.

They are charity accountants, they focus on not for profits and social enterprises but also work with selected small businesses.

They are based in Reading, and although some of their clients are further afield they are particularly proud of working with clients in the local area.

Many charities choose to benefit from the Independent Examination service. An organisation can be based anywhere in the UK to benefit from this bespoke service. They also offer a full service for bookkeeping and accounts.

As a trusted partner of Connect Charity we know that Holy Brook do business for good. It is part of their core purpose. We are excited to see how our partnership develops and look forward to recommending them to our network.

If you need an accountant that you can trust get in touch with Holy Brook and mention Connect Charity.



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