What is your fundraising strategy? How do you plan to raise income over the next 3 years? What is your area of focus?

These are just some of the questions you may ask. We can review your current approach and identify and develop a fundraising strategy that will bring a sustainable income stream. We can work hands-on with you or help you identify the key skills needed within your current fundraising team.

How will people know you need help? Who will you contact to engage with a campaign?

Knowing how to approach supporters, donors and clients is an essential part of communicating what your charity is all about and illustrates the impact it makes through the service it offers. We will review your current portfolio of communications and develop or improve your current programme to raise the profile of your organization.

How do we put together a successful bid? How do we know who to apply to?

Writing an application for funding needs to match the criteria required and make a comprehensive and clear case for support. With access to a portfolio of trusts and foundations we will develop and write your bids with a view to giving it the best possible chance of success.

Do you have a particular project in mind to raise funds for? What does your campaign need to achieve?

We will help you plan, develop and implement a programme so that your campaign follows a consistent approach with a start, middle and end to help you achieve the results you need.

Do you want to work with companies who will support you? How do you profile a company that will work best for you?

When a charity partners with a company there are many benefits. These can range from financial support to innovative ways to share business assets and knowledge. We will work with you to plan your approach and build a campaign that will work for you as a charity.

Do you know where to start? Do you want to engage with your donors and supporters face-to-face?

We can help you plan an events portfolio or simply develop a one-off event, we can organise social or sporting events and work to your specification or plan a unique event from concept to completion.

How do you look after your donors? Do you know who they are?

We will review your current approach and ensure that you have the right methods to capture new data and segment existing contacts. We’ll help you put your donors at the top of your communication list so that you look after them both effectively and ethically.

Do you receive any legacy income? What are the first steps for a legacy campaign?

Legacies are traditionally one to the largest income streams for charities. They are hard to predict and the programme for this type of support needs to be sensitive and effective with a long-term strategy to achieve results.