Why support a charity?

As a business you may be considering supporting a charity. You may already have a strategy in place that meets your corporate social responsibility requirements or you may simply vote for a charity to support each year.

As a business you know how to deliver results to your clients. But what are the benefits of supporting a charity?

Most consumers think businesses should support charities and nearly half are more likely to buy from companies that donate to good causes, according to a study commissioned by Foresters, the financial services organisation.

The survey of 1,100 people from across the UK found that 89 per cent thought businesses should support charities and their local communities, and 59 per cent that companies that did so would benefit from increased profits.

Whilst this is now known there are also other benefits including:

  • Team skill building/engagement through volunteering and fundraising
  • Staff retention due to ethical business delivery
  • Engagement within the local community
  • Reward through a sense of achievement – helping those less fortunate
  • Differentiating you from your competitors
  • Access to new streams of marketing, positive PR and increased business credentials
  • Developing and enhancing relationships with customers and your supply chain

What’s not to like?

We can help you develop your corporate responsibility strategy so that you partner with a charity that fits with your company’s ethos and beliefs and gives you the relationship you want with the rewards you can work on together.