A new vision for an old charity

Working with the 100 year old charity, Berkshire County Blind Society we had to understand what needed to improve. Through a survey of all stakeholders and the wider public we were able to establish that the current image of the charity was tired and out of date, not fit for purpose.

The decision was taken that they needed to update their identity, personality and vision for the future. We worked with the charity to understand what they wanted to achieve from the change and why it was needed. The organisation was rebranded and renamed as Berkshire Vision.

The charity knew they wanted to attract younger clients so that the service they deliver can continue to develop offering more socially inclusive programmes and a sporting portfolio that gives those that are visually impaired, experiences they may otherwise not be able to access.

They also knew that they neededto diversify income streams, to appeal to a wider public who would offer support and attract a range of donors. Through a marketing and fundraising strategy Connect Charity are working closely with Berkshire Vision to raise the profile and income of the charity so that it can enjoy another 100 years of service.

The new dynamic, fresh logo and name reflects everything the charity wanted to achieve and is a positive investment in its future success.

Visit http://www.berkshirevision.org.uk/ to find out more.